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After the Revolution

Turnstone Press
Poetry, 1986

Described by reviewers as honest and lyrical, this first collection of poems holds markings of turmoil and great sorrow, perhaps of inner revolution; yet despite all, a simplicity of joy.





Ride the Blue Roan

Turnstone Press
Poetry, 1988

Weier’s poetry demonstrates the simplicity and craft of a handmade instrument. Without affectation. With an openness to intense emotion. His entries are troubled, honest, personal, sometimes funny, much like your favourite photo album.

David Carpenter

In the space between Buddha and baseball, Weier hears the loneliness of the contemporary male. In his complex dream of horses, he speaks the pleasure and pain of his unresolvable solitude. In travel itself, not in its arrivals, he finds a portrait of his—forgive the expression—soul.


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Steppe: A Novel

Thistledown Press
Experimental Fiction, 1995

Writing that redefines genre boundaries. Weier explores the Ukrainian Mennonite experience amid a wealth of cultural allusions—from the Bolshevik Revolution to the spectral presence of pop cultural—that are woven into the skeletons of dream and reality.


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Those Tiny Bits of Beans

Pemmican Publications, Illustrated by David Beyer
Children’s, 1995

In this humorous Red River folktale Tante Madeline tries to give Oncle Henri a lesson in manners for a wedding feast. But things don’t work out quite as she’d planned. Oncle Henri feels a nudge under the table and thinks Tante Madeline is giving him a hint. But it’s not Tante Madeline who’s sending Oncle Henri a message.


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Twelve Poems for Emily Carr

Punchpenny Press
Poetry, 1996

the twisting
orange and scarlet boles
of beautiful arbutus . . .
Poems that sprout from the painted and written work of Canadian painter Emily Carr.


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Friends Coming Back As Animals

Moonstone Press
Short Fiction, 1996

John Weier’s versatility as a writer manifests itself again in his first collection of short stories. A talented storyteller with a varied background, he captures characters, situations, and landscapes with ease and brings them alive in a terse, tightly-structured style. His stories brim with emotion, with insight into the predicaments of his characters and the vicissitudes of human existence. Skilfully manipulating his narrative, he creates satisfying and engaging stories.





Coils of the Yamuna

Broken Jaw Press
Poetry, 1998

A meditation on love and travel, Coils of the Yamuna takes the reader on a lyrical tour of northern India. Across the plains and into the Himalayan foothills; through Delhi, through Agra, through Jaipur. Indian sights and Indian people. Indian stories. Indian riddles and mysteries. An accomplished cross-genre writer, the author summons a variety of voices to mirror his impressions of the joy and sorrow, the beauty and paradox of modern India.


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Marshwalker: Naturalist Memoirs

Turnstone Press
Creative Non-fiction, 1998

Weier sets out to catalogue a series of visits to Oak Hammock Marsh near Winnipeg. He hopes to escape the loneliness of the writer’s garret. He wants his writing to sound, smell, feel all the wild varieties of experience there. But how do you write in the marsh? The marsh swarms with birds. Thousands of Canada geese have stopped on their way north, on their way south. Weier tracks the movements of the American tree sparrow, bold in its presence, and as wondrous as its larger cousins. He writes of his relationship with an elderly father and how that informs his understanding of this wild nature.

Marshwalker is both a book on the birds and wildlife of the marsh and a poetic exploration of life’s complexities. Reading the words of this true nature-lover, we share his wonder at the quiet, profound beauty of the natural world.


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Violinmaker’s Lament

Wolsak and Wynn
Poetry, 2003

John Weier gives us not the composer or the performer but the Stradivari longing, the violinmaker’s poems of work and love, the pleasures of shaping, a radical genesis story. We learn a new harmony.

Robert Kroetsch

This is a lament. And a love song. To the jack plane, the chisel and gouge, the drill, the jointer, the resaw and the bending iron. To the beloved who precedes love. To the instrument and its sad craftsman. Weier’s poems enter music and poetry to become a joyful ride, where the heat, cold, humidity, restlessness, boredom, interfere with, invest in, the freefall of art-making.

Margaret Sweatman

Weier writes with the flair of a virtuoso and the tenderness of a lover. The poet’s double, the violinmaker, lingers over the heft and shine of Weier’s work. We hear everywhere in this book the compulsive rhythms of their attention. Weier’s is the music of a poet who knows the world in it’s terrible wonder and loss. A daring and accomplished book!


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Stand the Sacred Tree

Turnstone Press
Creative Non-fiction, 2004

He discovers people obsessed with place, with travel; each destination, each trip without exception leading to another. Each new landscape brings new exotic birds and flowers, new friends. Yet everywhere there is something haunting and familiar.

Dennis Cooley

A book of travel and nature, birds and water (or the lack of it), the joy of life and the sorrow of illness; Stand the Sacred Tree has its genesis in Weier’s previous memoir, Marshwalker. It grows out of questions he explores and opportunities he’s offered. Weier travels in Syria and Iceland, in Holland and Denmark, in Canada, -and wonders at what-if anything-connects these places and their diverse landscapes and cultures. Icelandic horses, Syrian cab drivers, and, of course, birds; he never stops thinking of birds.


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Under the Wings of Africa

Wolsak and Wynn
Experimental Fiction, 2007

Weier’s poet-naturalist narrator embarks on a journey in search of rare birds, beauty and understanding. While travelling in South Africa with his wife, he reports on the journey in a series of letters written to a lover. Weier mixes memoir, poetry and fiction in an intoxicating chronicle of travel and relationship.


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