John Weier carries a good supply of pre-owned instruments of the violin family priced from $300 to $6,000. This includes violins in the smaller sizes (1/8 to 3/4), and a variety of European full-size trade instruments.

He carries new instruments from the workshops of two Chinese makers. Ming Jiang Zhu has won numerous awards at international violinmaking competitions since 1986, including a silver medal in 1996 from the prestigious Violin Society of America. Xuechang Sun, known particularly for his cellos and basses, has also proven his worth in international competition. He won a certificate of merit in 2002 from the Violin Society of America. The instruments of both makers are beautifully crafted and have stood up well to the difficulties of a Manitoba climate.

If you visit the shop you will usually have a selection of approximately 50 instruments and 30 bows to chose from. Higher priced instruments are also available.

Consignment Sales

If you’re interested in selling your violin, viola, cello or bass, John does take instruments on consignment.


Repair and Restoration

John works on all instruments of the violin family. Work includes adjustments, minor repairs, and major restoration.

Insurance Appraisals

Written appraisals are available for most instruments.